Remote Assistance

Remote PC Image We offer remote assistance where we fix your computer over the internet. If your computer is able, we'll provide you with a link to download and run a program that will allow us to diagnose and repair your computer over the Internet. When complete, the program automatically removes itself. This service requires pre-payment.

Do not download and run this program unless directed to do so by a technician: Remote Application


If we pickup or the system is dropped off to us, all services are flat rate.

Hourly Service Rates

Type Standard Emergency Travel 1
Business $50 / hour $100 / hour $30
Residential $50 / hour

$100 / hour
or double flat rate


1 To avoid this charge, bring your system to us (for flat rate service)!

  • Parts not included.
  • One hour minimum charge for all services.
  •  Emergency = generally a 12 - 24 hour turn-around.
  •  Business and residential customers have the option of setting up a contract. This could result in substantial savings. Contact us for details.

Data Recovery Rates 1

Type Size Cost
Logical Recoveries 2 < 350 GB $350 - $595
  351 - 900 GB $595 - $795
  901 - 2 TB $795 - $995
Recovery involving hardware repair All sizes varies
Removable Media 3 < 256 GB $125 - $495


  • 1 There will be a minimum fee of $60, regardless of success.
  • 2  Cost of media not included. Data over a certain limit (generally 12 GB) must be restored on an external drive
  • 3 Examples are: thumb drives, CD or DVD, camera memory card, etc.
Performance Boost
1 System
Secure Data Deletion
1 Drive Each Additional
$50 $25
$50 $25

System Restore

Type Flat Rate
System Restore / OS Install 1 $120

1 OS = Operating System, must have operating system disks or purchase new license (not included). Generally computers do not come with an operating system disk, but are instead labeled something like restore disk, this would be fine as well.

Please note that this service does not include installing additional software, printers, prior system settings, or restoring of data beyond 10 GB. We can do any of these for a small extra charge.

Virus Removal

Onsite Flat Rate
$50 / Hr. $120
Complete OS 1 Install $120

1 If your system requires an operating system reinstallation for a virus removal, you only pay for one service!



Type Flat Rate
DVD Problem $50
RROD 1 $50
Preventative Maintenance 2 $25

1 Red ring of death
2 System cleaning and re-application of CPU compound.

Other services available, call for rates.